The Businessday Newspaper is Nigeria’s leading and authoritative national business daily. Established in 2001 by Frank Aigbogun, it has rapidly become the paper of choice for financial news, analysis and commentaries. The 2017 Corporate Achievement Award to a Non-Financial Institution was awarded to Businessday Newspapers for it consistent and in-depth coverage of consumer finance news and advice under the authorship of expert columnists. In addition, with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Businessday Newspaper, publishes a dedicated section every Wednesday known as the Financial Inclusion and Innovation Weekly, which reports on financial inclusion in Nigeria. This is the first national daily to have this special focus on laws, policies and activities aimed at expanding financial access and inclusion. The Award to Businessday Newspaper is therefore in recognition of its commitment to qualitative coverage and for giving visibility and explaining subjects that matter to all who use financial products and services whether within the banking, insurance, pensions or capital markets. The Award was received for Businessday Newspapers by the Editor of the daily paper, Mr. Anthony Osae-Brown (centre).